Monday, 17 January 2011

third generation

New Cast: L-R - Mini, Nick, Grace, Franky, Matty, Rich, Alo and Liv

Series Five - Episode One Trailer

After watching this trailer for the new series of skins and the new 'generation' I'm now quite excited for the first episode! They seem to have taken a different approach with this episode compared to the previous series. Instead of focusing on introducing all the characters as none of them know eachother, they have put it from a better point of view and shown it from Frankys. She is the new girl at the school so we meet everyone as she does.
A lot of people seem to be complaining about this series saying how it's going to suck, but everyone said that about the second generation (of which everyone eventually loved). It kind of annoys me that people say that its not going to be like the old 'skins' and they most likely started watching it after the third series. I've watched it from the start since it origionally aired on E4 and I'm totally looking forward to it!
Will post again after watching the episode when it's aired!


  1. SOOO EXCITED! when is it due too hit out screens? really lovely blog too btw :) xxx

  2. ooh im intrigued to see this.. i loved the first season. thank u for stoppng by and followin my blog :) xo

  3. it starts the 27th of january :) thanks for the comments! xx