Friday, 17 December 2010

secret santa

clockwise: skinny bird belt, dress, ring - all new look, lipstick - topshop, braclet, shoe - again new look, tights - topshop

Each year my friends and I do 'secret santa' and then when we give eachother the presents we go out for a meal, and this year this is my outfit (everything is available in the shops currently except the shoes which i bought a few months ago)
I not sure what to do with my hair, I'm debating curls, waves or tied up in a bun on my head. If I could have someone style my hair for me I would have it like the middle image:

I may try it myself but I don't think it will turn out too great! I will post (hopefully) a picture of me with my outfit on! (Also expect a dull post about the night!)