Friday, 30 July 2010

my day

It was quite good, I got paid yeyy, except the fucking bank have fucked me over and made me overdrawn which is bullshit! (And a totally different story I may add)
I then went shopping and got some nice things and spent nearly half my wages :p (I will post pictures tomorrow) and now I'm off to the pub, sporting double denim! Quite daring I think but I don't think I look too bad haha!
Well good night my three followers :')
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Sunday, 25 July 2010

some photos ive taken

i took these a while back and still need to get around to editing the rest of them :P
(click for bigger images)

Link to my flickr

topshop bags

are really great at the moment i cant choose which one i want to buy!
here's some of my favourites :)

Leather Pushlock Satchel Bag - £45.00

Floral Box Cross Body Bag - £30.00

Washed Two Tab Satchel - £36.00

Patent Camelia Cross Body Bag - £28.00

Leather Large Pyramid Stud Bag - £45.00

Leather Stud Base Bag - £85.00 (by far my favourite)